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How to Apply for Service

Contact and Consultation Request: Start by calling the contact number provided at the bottom of the Happy Mom website or by submitting an inquiry through the contact page to request a consultation.

Service Description and Decision: Listen to detailed explanations about the services and make your service selection through consultation with the director.

Contract Drafting and Submission: After reviewing the provided contract, submit the completed contract via email.

Deposit Transfer: Transfer the deposit to the Happy Mom bank account or through Venmo.

Selection and Contact of Postpartum Caregiver: Once you’ve selected a postpartum caregiver, arrange for them to contact you via phone or schedule a meeting.

Service Commencement: On the agreed-upon date, the postpartum caregiver will be dispatched to begin providing the service.

Out-of-State Service and Additional Information: For details on out-of-state services and procedures, please refer to the separate section on service procedures/costs and consult with the director for more information.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Postpartum Care Service?

Postpartum care service, also known as postnatal care, is a home visit service provided to mothers during the postpartum period (typically 6-8 weeks after childbirth) to ensure their comfortable recovery and well-being. It includes professional support in areas such as maternal nutrition, health management, and newborn care, delivered by caregivers who have undergone specialized training.

How do I Apply for the Service?

Please call the contact number provided at the bottom of the Happy Mom website or submit a consultation request through the inquiry page.

How can I get detailed information about the service?

You can receive detailed information about the service through consultation with the director and decide on the services you would like.

How do I review and submit the contract?

After reviewing the contract, please submit the completed contract via email.

How do I make the deposit payment?

You can transfer the deposit payment via the Happy Mom bank account or through Venmo.

How do you select a postpartum caregiver?

After selecting a carefully chosen postpartum caregiver, we arrange a phone call or meeting with the mother.

What are the reservation and cancellation policies for the service?

Service reservations are made after consultation with the director, and cancellations and refunds are possible under certain conditions.

How is long-distance service provided?

The contract defines one week as five days, but in this case, since the work continues without breaks for a full week, working for 15 days actually amounts to performing the labor of three weeks.

What are the sleep and rest hours for postpartum caregivers?

Especially during the live-in service period, if there are frequent nighttime feedings, postpartum caregivers take a rest for about 3 hours between lunch and dinner.

How do I make a service reservation?

You can make a service reservation through consultation with the director.

How do I pay for the service?

You can directly pay the caregiver on a weekly basis for the service fee.

Are there additional costs when using the service in a different state?

If you use the service in a different state, you will be responsible for covering the round-trip airfare costs.

What is the cancellation and refund policy for postpartum care service?

If you cancel the contract without a valid reason, there will be no refund. However, in the case of miscarriage or stillbirth, a full refund will be provided. Please refer to the contract for details.

How do I cancel a reservation due to the caregiver's health issues?

If the reservation is canceled due to the caregiver’s health or personal reasons, we will refund the reservation deposit or assign another caregiver.

How do I extend the service?

To extend the service, please apply at least one week in advance and make an additional reservation deposit.

What are the reasons for service suspension?

Service will be suspended in case of insults, authoritative interference from family members, demands for medical procedures, or if continued service provision becomes difficult due to excessive household chores.

What is the basic family composition for postpartum care service?

The basic family composition includes the mother, newborn, and husband. Additional family members will incur extra charges.

How is the contract period determined?

It continues from the specified date until terminated by either party with prior notice.

What should I do if there are known allergies or health issues related to the child?

If there are allergies or health issues related to the child, you must inform the service provider.

What are the duties and responsibilities of the service provider?

The duties and responsibilities of the service provider include meal preparation and serving, childcare, night care, laundry and cleaning tailored to the child’s needs, and maternal care services.

Types of postpartum care services

The standard working hours for service providers are defined as follows:

  • Live-in Service: From 9:00 AM to 9:00 AM the following day, including a 3-hour rest period per day. This constitutes a ‘1-week’ service period, equivalent to 5 days per week.
  • Commute Service: From Monday to Friday, from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM, including a 1-hour rest period per day.
  • Long-distance Service: The service period for long-distance assignments is defined as a consecutive 7 days, without standard holidays.

During working hours, postpartum caregivers do not drive. Especially when frequent nighttime feedings occur during the residency period, approximately 3 hours of sleep between lunch and dinner is needed for adequate rest and effective job performance.

What is babysitting service?

After postpartum care service, we provide comprehensive infant care services, including feeding, sterilizing bottles, diaper changing, bathing, and other aspects of infant health, nutrition, hygiene, and education, visiting the child’s home for at least 3 months on a one-on-one basis.

Types of Babysitting Services

Commute: Providing babysitting services at the child’s home from 9 AM to 6 PM (Monday to Friday)

Live-in: Providing babysitting (babysitter) services while residing in the child’s home (Monday to Friday)

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